Our Collaboration with the University of Sussex

Under the guidance of Professor Alan Dalton, one of the most highly respected individuals in the field – ranked in the top 1% of most cited researchers in Materials Physics, our team are experts in nanomaterials synthesis and applications for a wide range of additive manufacturing techniques. Central to this is the premise that nanoscale dimensions of materials impart a greater functionality and processability in a wide range of printing methodologies, via formulated inks and slurries. These formulated products are processed by a variety of batch and roll printing techniques which includes digital ink-jet printing, screen printing, etc. In recent times, AMD has developed a range of industrially relevant applications which include highly conductive nano-graphitic inks for printed electronics that include RFID antenna and conductive transparent electrodes. Furthermore, when coupled with advanced photonic sintering and/or compression processing, they exhibit superior performance which makes them comparable to incumbent technologies.

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