AMD Extends US Government Contracts

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AMD is pleased to announce two significant contract extensions with its US Government customers. Its Radar mitigation project with the US Army continues under a new funding award whilst its novel laser blocking technology work, under contract with the Irregular Warfare Technology Support Directorate (IWTSD) is also extended. Both projects will continue throughout 2024.

John Lee, CEO of AMD, says “I’m delighted with the ongoing support from the US Government and Department of Defense. Through this work, we are seeing increasing evidence of how our materials solutions are enabling multiple dual-use applications development across a broad area of the market, not only in defense but also in energy, consumer and life sciences. With parallels to the semiconductor industry, it is the enabling technology of materials science that sits at the root of our capability to develop new solutions to tackle growing world challenges."

Professor Alan Dalton, AMD Chief Science Advisor and Chair of Material Physics at Sussex University says, "The ongoing support from the US Army and IWTSD reaffirms the enduring relevance and versatility of our materials, demonstrating their readiness for higher Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) and their seamless integration into a wide array of dual-use applications.

Dalton continued, “The collaboration with AMD represents a pivotal partnership for our university's research, offering a pathway to tangible impact in real-world applications. By merging academic expertise with industry insights, we not only advance scientific knowledge but also drive innovation with direct relevance and practical significance."

Many of AMD’s current materials solutions are based on its nHance ® technology that offers the most conductive non-metallic ink ever produced.

    These include state of the art performance for carbon systems including:
  • EM shielding coatings delivering 40dB broadband shielding at only 15um thickness
  • radar mitigation in applications such as windfarm turbine blades and drone skins demonstrating attenuation of up to 19dB in key radar frequencies.
  • printed, non-metallic tags that enable wider use of RFID technology in challenging applications such as power networks and the food and pharma packaging sectors.

AMD continues to innovate and collaborate with its US & UK Government and industry partners, and it is always keen to talk to potential new projects and collaborations. Interested parties are invited to make contact for further information. AMD’s commitment to advancing technology, particularly in materials science, extends beyond defense applications, contributing to advancements in energy, consumer goods, and life sciences.

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snapshot of Advanced Material Development's home page video
AMD Extends US Government Contracts

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