World-scale challenges, nano-scale solutions

The materials revolution is a key area of research and development which has the potential to lead to significant advancements in technology and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of various products and processes. This includes the use of advanced materials such as composites, nanomaterials, and biomaterials in fields such as aerospace, biomedical engineering, electronics, and energy.

“At AMD we are transitioning great ideas into the marketplace - the age of nanotechnology will enable huge changes in our base existence for a better way of life” – Professor Alan Dalton, AMD Chief Scientific Advisor.

Using direct customer project funding with support from government grants and our own R&D investment, the company is able to leverage shareholder capital to help develop and de-risk the R&D programme while retaining optimal ownership of all IP developed within the company. AMD’s route to market for exploiting the results of this IP development is either through a licensee model direct to leading industrial customers with strong existing market positions or via SPV’s in partnership with market leaders

By funding and collaborating with exceptional University researchers in nanotechnology, AMD is developing and commercializing unique industry leading solutions with high societal and environmental impact, across multiple high growth sectors. AMD is adept at understanding technical challenges, working with world-renowned academics, and inventing pragmatic technology solutions. Securing high value Intellectual Property (“IP”), it seeks to license this to its channel partners as well as manufacturing end solutions to customers while supporting their ongoing product development.

The second generation of nanoscience is fundamentally changing the way that materials react to the environment around them.

Exploiting nanomaterial innovation in high value markets, for a safe, secure and more sustainable future

As we begin the next era of our evolution, we are harnessing the same vision, ambition and expertise that has propelled us since we started in 2017. Our ambition to transform the world, one nano element at a time, will be realised in the coming decades, creating seismic changes in our existence.

Safety & Security


Sensing & Connectivity

Investing and funding for growth

We plan to accelerate our investment in 2023 to fund the next stage of our growth strategy, in which we will fast track our capability to innovate and expand our technology base.

As well as providing more funding for university research and development, this next phase of investment and growth will see us establish our internal engineering capability to drive advances in engineering and faster prototyping. This will shorten time to market, putting working prototypes into the hands of our customers quicker, enabling them to appreciate our revolutionary technologies first hand encouraging more rapid commitment to them.

The timing is crucial. We have already created some highly valuable IP but with the competitive landscape evolving all the time in the UK and overseas, this funding will ensure that we remain a leading force in the industry.

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

We are building a resposible business that will have an enduring positive impact on the world through the investment in and development of innovative nanomaterial technologies that address worldmedium environmental and societal challenges.


We fund research and develop products that have a positive impact on the environment. We are committed to reducing our own environmental impact and to continually improving our environmental performance. We encourage our supply chain and partners to do the same.


We fund research and develop products that improve the security, safety and quality of peoples' lives. We are committed to building a business that has a positive impact on society. People are at the centre of everything we do, whether as an employer, supplier or strategic partner, and we embrace meaningful collaboration and partnerships.


We operate a business that is transparent, inclusive and fair, fostering confidence and trust from all stakeholders. We have adopted ways of working that enable effective decision-making and high standards of ethical behaviour and accountability.

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