Research Fellow in Processing of 2D-layered Nanomaterials

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Research Fellow
Applications are invited for a research fellow position in the area of 2D nanomaterials to develop graphene and related materials by solution processing techniques. You will develop a range of exfoliation formulations for the efficient and reproducible exfoliation of various nanosheets with controlled thickness. If necessary, you will also employ doping via surface charge transfer, covalent functionalisation and intercalation to lead to further alterations of the 2D nanomaterial’s band structures for optoelectronic performance.
You will carry out your experiments and research on your own, but you will be part of a larger team to innovative the anti-reflective coatings for the selective absorption/filtering of specific laser wavelengths using polymeric photonic crystals enhanced with 2D-layered nanomaterials. This innovative project is funded for 18 months by a government partner.
The successful candidate will have most of these essential skills or abilities:
  • PhD in Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, nanotechnology or any other relevant field;
  • a proven track record in optoelectronics of low dimensional systems and nanofabrication;
  • a thorough understanding of the physics of 2D layered nanomaterials;
  • must be comfortable working in a cross-functional team and be skilled in communicating complex technical information through a variety of methods including research presentations;
  • possess detailed understanding and laboratory experience with most of the following:
    • Atomic force microscopy;
    • Raman spectroscopy and/or FTIR techniques as well as spectrophotometry;
    • Kelvin Probe force microscopy;
  • excellent written, spoken communication and organisational skills are essential;
  • experienced in lab management and supervising junior group members.
  • perform research into exfoliation of new 2d nanomaterials, size-selection and processing of 2D materials for optoelectronic applications;
  • select/optimise materials and solvents to provide the required ink properties (e.g. morphological, rheological, electrical, etc.) to comply with the specific requirements;
  • cailor surface chemistry of nanoparticles;
  • characterisation of the dispersions utilising various microscopy and spectroscopic techniques;
  • maintain long-term datasets, testing procedures, validate testing systems, and continually assess measurement consistency and reliability;
  • documenting the design processes including objectives, issues, and outcomes.
The exact research activities will be continuously adapted to ensure high relevance and impact.
Informal enquiries regarding the post may be directed to Dr. Izabela Jurewicz at
The funding source requires that the post must be filled by 1st of June 2021.
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