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Cartilage & Cardiac Tissue Engineering on Graphene Scaffolds

Tissue Engineering Paradigm

Tissue Engineering Regeneration

  • Architecture
  • Porosity
  • Physical Properties
  • Biodegradability
  • Biocompatability
  • Manufacturing
Cardiomyocytes "beating" in-vitro on a graphene scaffold

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Advanced Delivery Systems


Infectious Disease, Oncology,
COPD, Asthma & Allergy


Antivirals, Antibacterials, Antifungals


Viral Pneumonic (Corona Viruses),
Bacterial Pneumonic Infections (TB),
Respiratory Tract Infections

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Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals

Drug-excipient forms
(solid-dispersions, co-crystals)

Hot Melt Extrusion

3D Printing

Mixing of compounds to form new compound.
Current solvent based methods are time consuming and energy intensive.
Fast and efficient.
Continuous for high volume.
Good green credentials compared to other methods.
Significantly reduced cost and time to manufacture.
Reduced manufacturing footprint.
Rapidly maturing technology.
Well suited to pharmaceuticals.
"Personalised" healthcare.
Dissolves in less than 15 seconds
The reduction in the numbers of new molecules coming to market, along with the expiry of certain patents is forcing a fundamental shift in how medicines are developed and manufactured. In addition, healthcare systems around the world are demanding access to cost-effective and innovative medicines with improved patient compliance. These present unique manufacturing challenges that need to be tackled effectively for scale-up and delivering to large numbers of any population. Also, approximately 40% of all drugs suffer with solubility problems making them less effective and sometimes non viable, contributing to the sharp rise in costs and timescales fro drug development. Thus, there is a clear need to develop methods to make drugs more soluble and usable, combined with manufacturing processes and techniqiues that are suitable for scale-up. Our unique technology and techniques overcome most of the associated challenges with poorly water-soluble drugs processing and manufacturing.

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3D Printing of Bespoke Personalised Medicines

Patient Focused 3D Printing Solution

Unique, portable, and innovative, PortaPill utilises novel printing materials that can contain specific drugs for treatments of a wide-range of ailments including Cardiovascular, antibiotics, and anti-cancer drugs. Our digital medicine manufacturing system can deliver the right medicines at the point of need to remote and inaccessible areas as well as crisis zones in a more effective and timely manner which is currently otherwise impossible.
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