It is our deep understanding of how to manipulate the intricacies of nano-materials and our passion to innovate, alongside our desire to pull through the next generation of technology today, that makes it possible for AMD to create bespoke, enduring solutions for our customers.

World-Scale Challenges   Nano-Scale Solutions

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Introducing nCase:

Advanced Material Development's (AMD) EMI/RFI shielding solutions.

Our patent pending liquid processing technology provides a reproducible, scalable and low-cost solution for the generation of large yields of size selected, thin graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) in inks and dispersion. These high-quality inks provide the platform that enables unique and well-defined hybrid nCase formulations.


Non-metallic, light weight, flexible, ultra-thin coating for plastics, composites and other materials.


Stretchable formulations that stick to rubber and other elastomeric materials.


Ideal for Automotive, aerospace & defence, telecoms, medical industrial and consumer  applications.


Coating provides effective EMI/RFI and thermal management.

Our research investments generate focused partner opportunities

  • Stretchable, highly tuneable, non-metallic shielding materials
  • Strong performance to cost ratio
  • Environmental and chemical resilience
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Introducing COG+:

Advanced Material Development's (AMD) conductive inks.

AMD’s nanoparticulate inks can be securely bonded to a multitude of substrates, matching the inherent need to stretch and bend, whilst maintaining mechanical and electrical robustness in harsh environments.

Proven & Adaptable

Our flexible and stretchable conductive nanocarbon inks can be applied to a range of elastomeric materials where stretchable or deformation qualities are required. Examples are elastomers such as rubber, TPU and silicone. They can also be applied to textiles.


AMD’s patent pending nanocarbon based elastomeric inks have exceptional conductivity up to 500,000 S/m (sheet resistance of 0.08 Ohm/sq), a significant improvement on other non-metallic stretchable solutions in the industry (independently tested and validated at accredited UK research facilities).
Our carbon ink formulations retain their mechanical integrity following repeated mechanical flexing and stretching.

Cost Effective

Our next-generation elastomeric ink’s are not only more environmentally friendly, but highly cost effective. The use of highly engineered carbon formulations rather than utilisation of metals such as silver and copper, makes our solution cost effective, from manufacture through to recycling at end of product life.

We continue to seek industrial partners to develop scalable solutions for multiple markets and applications

  • Unique nanocarbon production
  • Stretchable electronics applications
  • Ability to withstand harsh environments

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