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AMD creates two new research positions at The University of Sussex

Recent funding successes by Advanced Material Development Ltd (AMD) have enabled the University of Sussex Materials Physics Group to reach out to new talent, creating two new postdoctoral research jobs.
The posts both seek postdoctoral research fellows in 2D Materials who will be focussing on developing next generation nanomaterial technologies in the fields of developing liquid-exfoliated 2D materials for sensitive detection of gases including simulants of chemical warfare agents and liquid-exfoliated 2D materials, particularly dielectrics, to allow tuning of refractive index for optical notch filters based on polymeric photonic crystals.
These two posts are supported by AMD partner and grant funding projects in addition to the five new three-year research posts created with the £2m funding announced recently.
The successful candidates, who will be thoroughly experienced in experimental physics, chemistry or materials science, will spend the majority of time on this research which, whilst having a clear exploitation focus, will also have environmental sustainability at its core.
John Lee, Chief Executive Officer of AMD, said: "I am absolutely delighted to see that already the impact of partner funding such as that from the US DoD helps further support AMD’s growth plan for R&D, adding another two research fellows to the Sussex team on top of what was already highlighted in our recent funding announcement. This impact will continue to be evidenced in the creation of more research and new jobs in the UK, leading to the further evolution of nanotechnology and maintaining the UK’s position in this cutting edge science and its applications."
AMD operates as the interface between academia and industry, understanding the real-world issues and enthusing their academic partners to provide applicable, feasible and cost-effective solutions.
For more information and how to apply for these positions please visit University of Sussex - Jobs.
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14th July, 2021

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