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AMD DASA Case Study

We are delighted to share a Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) case study featuring the acceleration of AMD nanotechnology for defence and commercial benefit. Working closely with DASA and Dstl we have been able to mature two innovations to working demonstrator level, both of which have multi-sector application.
  • CHAMIR is a device that can modulate infra-red emissivity from platforms or personnel, enabling the military to conceal their presence against the ever more sophisticated detection technologies.
  • nMark, is a nanomaterial application, akin to a unique barcode, which cannot be removed, corrupted or reverse engineered. This provides reassurance of part authenticity and prevents counterfeiting. We are already in talks with major commercial brands to realise the potential of nMark.
AMD is proud to develop and commercialise the next generation of intelligent nanotechnology, providing extra functionality for enhanced capability and forward thinking defence solutions that are safer, stronger, more secure and sustainable.
CEO, John Lee said “DASA has been an incredible source of support and early stage funding for our innovations. It has accelerated the technology of nMark and CHAMIR to the next level, so that they are now attractive in the commercial space. We are excited by their future as we can see multi sector applications for both.”
20th April, 2021
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