Dr Katrin Elidottir

AMD Expands FLF Project Team

We are delighted to welcome Dr Katrin Elidottir to the Future Leaders Fellowship (FLF) Team at AMD and congratulate her on defending her PhD at the University of Surrey, supervised by our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Izabela Jurewicz and Dr Rebecca Lewis of Surrey’s School of Veterinary Medicine.
Katrin completed her master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Surrey before joining the IRIS Surrey group as a PhD student in 2017, focusing on the design and use of carbon nanotubes for biomimetic scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering. Her interests align with the highly interdisciplinary approach of using materials science approaches to tackle issues commonly faced in biology. Therefore, she is very excited to be joining Dr Jurewicz’ FLF team, using the knowledge gained so far during her studies to apply AMD’s proprietary nanotechnology to aid drug development for cardiovascular diseases.
AMD’s FLF Project is the result of an award in October 2020, from the UKRI’s Future Leaders Fellowship fund which culminated in Dr Jurewicz’ transition to a full-time position with AMD. Katrin will focus her work on mechanochromic crystals as cellular platforms for pharmaceutical testing, under the supervision of Dr Rebecca Lewis, a co-investigator on the FLF. Dr Lewis’ lab investigates the interaction of cells with different materials at the nanoscale, to inform the development of engineered tissue.
Advanced Material Development is one of the first commercial companies to receive such an award in partnership with a leading academic.
John Lee, CEO, says “It is fantastic to have Katrin join AMD as a key member of our FLF team. As well as being a well respected member of the Surrey interdisciplinary team with strong credentials in life sciences and chemical engineering in support of her Physics PhD, Katrin is a further addition to AMD’s efforts to support women in science following this highly prestigious award won last year by Dr Izabela Jurewicz as Chief Scientific Officer.”
19th May, 2021
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